May 20, 2008

Promote the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

Get a couple of friends together, pick a public spot and have a street party by asking folks to sign onto the 9/11 Ballot initiative!
Hello to all supporters of the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative,
First, welcome to 38 new members on this list. Now here is some news. We did pretty well last night at the SEIU/Local 1199 event although it wasn't that well attended. It seems that the anti-war movement has diminished here in NYC due to the inability to stop the war so far. One of the organizers, Jim McCabe, signed our petition without hesitation. We handed out a lot of literature as well. Although it rained on Sun. we still had a presence at a street fair in Park Slope, Brooklyn and met some great people.
Separately, I'll be sending out info about our next Rally on Wed. 5/28 at St. Marks Church. Featured speaker will be Wayne Madsen. Also, a new 9/11 related feature film called Able Danger will open up the Brooklyn Film Festival next week! Sander Hicks and I are touch with Paul Krik, the filmmaker. We will partner up to promote both the film and the Ballot Initiative!
Next, I just had to order more petition forms! I can't remember what I originally ordered but I think it was 15,000!
There are now 522 names on this list of people who are in or near NYC! Now it's just a matter of getting even 250 to spend 25-30 hours of spare time over the next 6 weeks (deadline is June 30) and collect 200 signatures which would total 50,000!!! You can collect signatures in your daily life as well as join our teams at locations listed below. This may be the ONLY way to give a wake up call to the forces of empire, the corporate/military controlled media, and the naysayers. Unless a major whistleblower comes out, which is unlikely to even get decent coverage or unless a miracle happens and Congress or some other political body decides to get a backbone, IT'S UP TO US. But it has to start with people on this list who have mostly been MIA to look at the next 6 weeks and decide that you've had enough of shock & awe, you've had enough of the neocon agenda for global domination and police state measures at home. You can now build on the efforts of 6 1/2 years of alternative researchers and activists to create a whirlwind which reveals the truth of 9/11 to the world. As our banner says -- we owe it to the victims, the 1st responders, ourselves, and future generations.
Here's our schedule through next Monday (contact me with any questions at
Tues & Wed - Staten Island Ferry, 4-9pm, contact Noz at 646-610-3100 to coordinate.
Tuesday - in case of rain, in the subway station at 14th St./Union Sq, 5pm. We'll meet by the elevators near the entrance to the R/N/W trains.
Tuesday - if it's clear, Stuyvesant Town at 14th St. & 1st Ave.
Wed. - We'd like everybody to help out at Staten Island Ferry. As many as 20,000 people cross a day. We have a permit for the terminal as well as crossing on the boat. Contact Noz.
Thurs - 14th St./Union Sq. and Stuyvesant Town at 14th St. & 1st Ave. In case of rain, we'll be inside the station at the same location as above.
Fri. - Harlem, 125th Street & Malcolm X Blvd (by southeast corner of 2/3 train entrance)
Memorial Day Weekend
Saturday May 24th
Lower Third Avenue Spring Festival
(on 3rd Avenue from 6th - 14th Street) - 1PM
Grand Army Plaza
Brooklyn at 11:30. Contact Jack Gordon at 917-767-8999.
Sunday May 25th
21st Annual Livable West Side Festival
Broadway, 72-86 Sts. - 1PM
If anyone is free during the day, call Carol Holland at 212-353-5084 to petition with her at 6th Ave. & 10th St. If anyone wants to do the upper west side over the weekend, contact Florindo at 646-508-9647
Towards truth,
Les Jamieson
NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative Steering Committee

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