May 27, 2008

Obama Supports US Ability to Commit Mass Murder

If history can provide a lesson, it's that Democrats running for office who make bland noises about "researching' nuclear weaponry, the true message is we want the biggest guns, most awesome surveillance and ability to dominate and mold the planet to serve our needs. It'll be another election that requires I hold my nose when I vote.
Obama touts LANL's potential
Democratic presidential nominee also has praise for governor

Steve Terrell The New Mexican, 5/26/2008 - 5/27/08
Los Alamos National Laboratory would remain a weapons-research facility under a Barrack Obama administration, Obama said Monday. But if he's elected, LANL also would be at the forefront of research for technology to aide in nuclear nonproliferation.
Obama, who was in Las Cruces for a Memorial Day ceremony, was asked in a phone interview whether he would keep LANL as a weapons research facility. "Absolutely," he replied.
"Los Alamos has been one of our premier research facilities, and we need to do more research in this area, in part because we've got to deal with the critical issues of nonproliferation," the Democratic contender said.
Obama said he would put a priority on developing technology to detect "loose," unaccounted-for nuclear material. [sounds good?] He also said there needs to be a technology to ensure nuclear materials designed for civilian purposes in countries that don't currently have nuclear weapons are not turned into bombs."There's a whole host of areas that involve significant research and development, and Los Alamos needs to be at the forefront of that," Obama said. [that's the real deal, with money aplenty for war profiteers]
Democrats in recent years have advocated making nonproliferation research a higher priority.
[...] Obama in the interview had praise for Gov. Bill Richardson, who, several weeks after folding his own presidential campaign, endorsed Obama's White House bid. "I think Bill Richardson's one of the best public servants we have in American life."
[...] So why is Obama — who still faces primary contests with U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton in Puerto Rico, South Dakota and Montana — spending Memorial Day in New Mexico? Don't other states have veterans?"Well New Mexico obviously has some just outstanding veterans that I wanted to make sure to honor," Obama said.
[...] Obama lost the state's Democratic caucus to Clinton by a narrow margin. "Oh yeah, it was painful," he said.[...]
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