May 8, 2008

NJ Fear Mongers Promote Vigilantes

The drumbeats will get louder as the economy sinks and people look to outsiders as the source of their problems. Guns get more powerful and cops get fatter.

C'mon, people, now,
Turn on each other
Everybody get together
Try to lynch one another, right now!
You can bet this very scary move will NOT have a happy ending.
"Homeland Security in the Hometown"
by Lt. Joe Geleta/New Jersey Citizen Corps
Tuesday May 06, 2008, 3:09 PM
We live in a different world than we did before September 11, 2001. We are more aware of our vulnerabilities, more appreciative of our freedoms [my bold--Really? How so?] and more understanding that we are personally responsible for the safety of our families, our neighbors and our nation.
[...] In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the need for strengthening and securing our communities has become even more critical, and Neighborhood Watch groups have taken on greater significance. In addition to serving a crime prevention role, Neighborhood Watch can also be used as the basis for bringing neighborhood residents together to focus on disaster preparedness as well as terrorism awareness.
The NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH - NEW JERSEY PROGRAM provides the opportunity for citizens to partner with members of the law enforcement and emergency management communities for mutual benefit. Our Program provides training in five basic and inter-related areas:
A standardized curriculum, Instructor Guide and related materials to present the program have been created and placed on a CD disc available to all groups and municipalities upon request.
Working in partnership with the New Jersey Chiefs of Police Association and the County Sheriffs Association, over 300 Neighborhood Watch groups are active throughout the state.
Participants are provided with information emphasizing disaster preparedness, the terrorist planning cycle and identity theft, the fastest growing crime in America. Upon completion of the training, all participants receive a portfolio pad, Neighborhood Watch baseball cap, USA on Watch pen and lapel pin. [my bold--WOW, a lapel pin! Sign me up!]
It goes on & on to encourage citizens to be "more engaged," but not one word about educating citizens about guarding democracy from the corporate masters who own the government. It's propaganda designed to confuse real change with knee-jerk reactions.
Despite my misgivings, here's their web site:
Here's The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management website:
Perhaps someone out there could do creative poking around to find out who's providing the money for this new initiative for "citizenship." HA!

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