May 28, 2008

Blackwater Rapes Self-Determination

That these scum suckers consider themselves Christians is the most amazing thing. Eric Prince wants to ram his "vocational" school down the throat of San Diego, no matter what the residents think, then he'll preach "values." I guess Prince & Co think they are good citizens, too!

ACTION ALERT! Tue, 27 May 2008
Do Not Allow Blackwater to Bully the City of San Diego
On May 20 2008 in response to the City of San Diego denying the Blackwater mercenary company occupancy of their proposed new training center in Otay Mesa, Blackwater told the San Diego City Council "If we do not hear from you by close of business Friday, we will be forced to consider taking other steps to enforce and protect Blackwater’s rights" after stating that it was their right to train people in counter insurgency operations whether the city and the people want them here or not.
Now we know, on May 27 Blackwater filed suit against the City of San Diego.
Council Member Ben Hueso alerted us at today's City Council meeting that Blackwater Worldwide has filed a lawsuit against the City of San Diego. They want to restrain the City from withholding their occupancy permit on a permanent basis, so they can open their "vocational school" on June 2. In an interview with KPBS' Amitra Sharma, Blackwater representative Brian Bonfiglio charged that the city is "trying to curry favor with activists." WE NEED YOU TO PLEASE WRITE TO THE CITY COUNCIL, CITY ATTORNEY MIKE AGUIRRE AND MAYOR SANDERS IMMEDIATELY asking them to stand firm and not let Blackwater bully its way into San Diego!
Please go to and Click on the Red Action alert; this will take you to our No Mercenaries page where you can:
1. Read Blackwater's complaint against the City (in the Potrero/San Diego column)
2. Link to Amitra Sharma's story on KPBS Radio (in the Electronic Media column)
3. Link to the e-mail addresses of city officials (in the Potrero/San Diego column)
4. Read about the Grand Jury probe into Blackwater shootings today in Washington, D.C. where at least 3 Iraqis testified about the September 17, 2007 shooting in Bagdad's Nisour Square (Mercenary News column) The lawsuit demonstrates just what Blackwater is really about--profiting from war, social unrest and suffering at any cost. It is outrageous that Blackwater is using taxpayer dollars--i.e., their ill-gained profits--to force itself on San Diego. Citizens in San Diego and the City are already suffering from hard economic times and suing the city is another theft of taxpayer money. Blackwater also says that denying them their occupancy is a violation of their Constitutional rights and that they are being treated unfairly! Since when does Blackwater play by the rules?
Let the City know that we don't want Blackwater here under any circumstances.
Blackwater's suit will be heard some time this week in Federal Court; when we find out details--day, time--we'll let you know.
Carol Jahnkow, Director, Peace Resource Center of San Diego
For the really wonky & lawyers, go here to read the complaint in pdf format:

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