April 21, 2008

Pro-China Propagandists Determined to Strike in the US Media

Now that I have your attention, please observe the tactics being used by an increasingly frustrated mob with little factual evidence to back their claims.
Today's blogs are regurgitating a report, allegedly from the Italian sports daily, Corriere della Sera:

Chief Tibet separatist clamors for suicide attacks
(Xinhua), Updated: 2008-04-20 08:38
ROME -- Cewang Rigzin, president of the separatist "Tibetan Youth Congress" (TYC), has preached seeking "Tibet independence" through suicide attacks.
"Maybe it is time now for the 'Tibetan People's Uprising Movement' to use the means of suicide attacks to carry on the struggle," Cewang Rigzin said in an interview with Italy's Corriere della Sera newspaper recently.

I searched for the original link on the Internet and the newspaper itself, but could not find it or any direct references to this plot, except for those which came from the Chinese news agencies. Click below for a bigger picture to see for yourself:

But time is short and more important are the issues of why this disinformation is getting serious attention and who is behind the campaign. Every time I try to watch one of those “informative” videos put out by the anti-CNN’ers, the creepy, sickeningly-sweet or rousing patriotic music puts me off so badly that I must immediately turn it off. (BTW--Why does their “truth” need a soundtrack, and why do they have such bad taste in music? Is that part of their PsyOps?)
This bit of "news" was reproduced in many forms and on many sites, obviously to boost morale, such as this one:

Chinese protest Tibet independence
Sat Apr 19, 2008 10:52am EDT
By Ben Blanchard
BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinese people took to the streets in several cities on Saturday to denounce calls for Tibetan independence and demand a French goods boycott following anti-China protests on the Paris leg of the Olympic torch relay.
Pictures from the central city of Wuhan showed large crowds marching with banners reading: "Oppose Tibet independence, support the Olympics", and "Say no to French goods".
Whooh! Shades of neo-cons and fleedom flies! And this one:
Demonstrators in U.S. call Dalai Lama a liar
Sun Apr 20, 2008 7:50pm EDT
By Eric Olsen

ANN ARBOR, Michigan (Reuters) - The Dalai Lama on Sunday urged the world to work for a sustainable planet while pro-China demonstrators accused him of lying about the turmoil in his homeland.
There were no arrests among the 300 to 400 people who showed up outside his speech at a University of Michigan sports arena where the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader spoke to about 8,300 people in an Earth Day-themed lecture.
The demonstrators repeatedly chanted "Dalai Liar!" and cheered when a plane circled overhead trailing a large banner reading "Dalai Please Stop Attacking Olympic Flame."
The vast majority of the demonstrators appeared to be of Chinese ancestry and wore white shirts emblazoned with "Support Beijing Olympics 2008" and red shirts printed with the Chinese flag.
"Tibet Belongs to China and So Do I" read one sign in the crowd.
How nicely the police behaved for them, almost as nicely as they did here in NYC when the Falun Gong suddenly appeared everywhere (and all at once) during the RNC. Anyone who wore a peace sign did so knowing they could be arrested just for crossing the street, while these folks trotted out stage sets on every other corner, complete with music and costumed "police" beating the practitioners. And where did these people get the money for a PLANE?
The question remains:
If they were given an honest assessment of the problems faced by minorities and the inevitable resistance that would accompany occupation, why would the people of China not want independence for Tibetans? The whole of China’s future certainly isn't contingent upon Tibet. People go about their daily lives and don’t want trouble, whether they are Hans or Tibetans, Mongols or Muslem Uyghus.
But these propagandists fear any dissent or alternative to the great Motherland.
(Say it all together now: "One World!")
It’s really bad over there, but too much is spilling over into our own left wing by people who should know they are being used. It's bad and sad and completely unproductive unless the goal is to spill blood.

Let people live their lives according to their cultural traditions and all will be well. I think I've said enough about Tibet and China for today.

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