April 6, 2008

Petition to Stop USA’s WMDs

Working Assets, my long-term, long-distance & mobile carrier is now called Credo, but still stands for the righteous causes. Please read this and sign the petition to stop the madness of nuclear proliferation right here in the USA.
Say No to a New Generation of Nuclear Weapons
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is currently planning a system-wide upgrade of the entire American nuclear weapons complex, returning the U.S. to a Cold-War-level capability of designing and producing new nuclear weapons.
Instead of recreating the capacity to produce new and unnecessary nuclear weapons, the DOE should shift its focus instead to shrinking the still-oversized nuclear weapons manufacturing complex. The DOE should also focus on maintaining the safety and security of our existing weapons arsenal (currently numbering more than 5,000 -- with each weapon more than sufficient to destroy a city) as it is drawn down.
The DOE also appears to be putting the cart before the horse here. The broader question of whether or not our nation needs more nuclear weapons is one for the president and the Department of Defense, not the DOE -- and Congress has already mandated that the next president undertake such an analysis.
If the DOE is allowed to move forward with these plans, it will send exactly the wrong signal to the rest of the world -- that nuclear weapons represent a path to security. [my bold] Fortunately, a mandatory environmental review of the DOE's "Complex Transformation" initiative allows you to submit comments on their ill-advised plan -- but please act soon, as the comment deadline is this coming Thursday, April 10.
For more information, please visit the web sites of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, or Tri-Valley CAREs. http://act.credomobile.com/campaign/stop_the_bombplex?rk=adN%5ffksqepr0E

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