April 13, 2008

Benedict's Coming Out Party (Go, USA!)

I’m so fed up reading about the Dalai Lama loving Nazis. It seems to be enough to put a photo of him in between any two photos of horrific events and claim he was an accessory, loved it, participated with glee, even. That's guilt by association, not fact. Know what is a fact? The Dalai Lama advised supermodel Elle MacPherson to keep her cool and not sue Heidi Klum, according to what she said in Sports Illustrated. So does that make him a fashionista? Or perhaps it makes Elle MacPherson a Nazi lover!
On the other hand, Sunday morning’s The McLaughlin Group spent a major chunk of time chewing the cud around Pope Benedict XVI (aka Joseph Alois Ratzinger)’s impending NY trip. The pundits focused upon what impact his visit will have on the Pennsylvania primary, because 75% of the state is Catholic. They were also impressed that he seems to be anti-war, pro-environment, against the death penalty, but not one word was said about his position that a woman has "roles inscribed in her own biology." Keep those knees squeezed, girls! But what if your biology is screwed up and you're a man trapped in a woman's body, etc.? What's your role then?
Wikipedia has this enlightening factoid about his other holiness: "In his capacity as Prefect, Ratzinger also penned a controversial letter to all Catholic bishops, declaring that confidential details of Church investigations into accusations made against priests of certain serious ecclesiastical crimes, including sexual abuse, were subject to the pontifical secret and could not, on pain of excommunication, be revealed."
Well, isn't that special! This pope is going to come to the USA, prance around in his red Gucci shoes and not be held accountable for supporting sexual abuse of children? His sickening hypocrisy and perversion must not be ignored.

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