April 8, 2008

Chinese Goons Take Over London?

Photo: YUI MOK/The Associated Press

Along London's Olympic torch route, a police officer Sunday tackled a man protesting China's human rights record and the recent crackdown on Tibet.
A fellow blogger has forwarded a very important and unexplored, (here in the USA) angle on the Olympic torch problem, at least regarding the events in London. I’ve selected a few paragraphs but you can go to the link below for the full blog:
Curly’s Corner Shop,
The Blog

April 8, 2008
Black Tuesday for Brown
Any good news for the PM?
[...] I wonder how comfortable our Scottish Prime Minister has felt seeing images of Chinese goons manhandling protesters on the streets of London, and pushing and urging on their British police counterparts as the Olympic Flame stumbled on it’s way? Apparently, Kevin Rudd, the Australian PM has declared that they will not be able to do the same job in his country, the Aussies will look after security themselves, the big question must be ‘who gave the authority for this display of Chinese security tactics?’
Geoffrey Wheatcroft writing in the Daily Mail says:
“The Prime Minister hadn’t himself planned this dismal event, and it would be nice to think that he hated every moment of it.”
Yes, he had a horrified look upon his face as the Olympic Torch closed in on him in Downing Street, he was at pains to ensure that he did not touch it himself, why doesn’t he take a big brave Merkel type decision to stay away from the games’ opening ceremony in Beijing?
In another article Lord Coe condemned the army of Chinese “thugs” who accompanied the Olympic torch relay through London.
The head of London’s 2012 Games described as “horrible” the burly henchmen who barged their way through the capital, shoving the public and even police out of the way.
“One thing in Paris is to get rid of those guys. They tried to push me out of the way three times. They are horrible. They did not speak English. They were thugs.”
The blue track suited goons were seen on television using judo tactics to bring down protesters before pushing the ‘yellow jacket’ British Police towards them, and what were they all carrying in those bum bags on belts around their waists? I sincerely hope they were first aid kits!
So who authorised their presence? Was it the British Olympic Association or the Greater London Authority? Where did the Home Office fit into the jigsaw puzzle? [my bold]
Either way, the Metropolitan Police do not seem impressed at all;
Privately, police were said to be furious as officers were made to look ridiculous, jogging along in cycle helmets and holding hands to form a chain around the bearers.

Not to be frivolous, but I got a thrill when my fave “AbFab” gal, Jayne Secker, was interviewed on the video report, expressing “the greatest abhorrence” at what the Chinese government was doing to Tibet and other ethnic minorities. A great actor and citizen. Right on!

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