April 25, 2008

Deconstructing Randi

Road Sage says it quite well, touching on all the ambivalence and frustration and resignation and I-knew-it-was-coming-tion. And you knew, too. Read Road:
Randi Rhodes & Her Eff’ing Adjectives!
Rhodes Quits Air America and how might we think of this outcome.
By Road Sage
She pushed the envelope. It was her style.
And it was her personality to get indignant –but mostly about things that mattered. But sometimes her anima would not let things go—once she got her brain’s wires wrapped around it. She just had to follow her dendritic synapses to wherever they led.
And of course she was one who could tell the blatant and unmitigated truth. No mealy-mouther her. No—not Randi Rhodes. But that is why people listened to her—she would often say what other flocks of angels feared not tread. Yeah she had courage and gallantry for a sense of justice—for sure.
That is why she is valuable to a truth-starved society like ours. She could wake people up—that is if she is not upsetting them too much.
But then she called Hillary Clinton a “f**king” whore at a speech event in the Frisco Bay area. It got on the Internet via YouTube and made a splash—daring. So when the stuff it the fan her bosses at Air America suspended her “indefinitely” over the mouthy flap.
Then she quits her radio talk show host job at Air America.
[...] But what is not so amazing is that the mainstream media actually printed the story of Rhodes quitting her job at Air America! Normally the mainstream does not much recognize her. Could it be then that America did in fact get the message about Clinton being a war-mongering prostitute and that this could add to the eventual death knell for Hillary’s campaign?
But even more importantly, Randi Rhodes has passion and commitment—even if sometimes headstrong. Passion, awareness and commitment is something far too lacking in much of mainstream America—which seems non-committed like Camus’ character Meursault in his book The Stranger. It seems that most Americans, in general, are under developed in the potential for being humanely socialized to be aware and human. Some have noted that even saints have at times acted with faults, and although few would claim Randi a saint, at least most could say: “thank you Ms. Randi Rhodes for caring a great deal. And thank you for your imperfect self—at least you are out there fighting for a difference”.


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