April 19, 2008

Buy the Book, Help The Feal Good Foundation

Week of Truth
April 16th - 22nd
A Nationally Coordinated 9/11 Truth Effort to

This is the first in a series of Week of Truth events to coalesce the power of the national truth movement. Following this Week of Truth action, we will draw attention to two major 9/11 conferences in the Northeast to be tentatively scheduled in the month of May.
The current installment of the Week of Truth features New York Times Best Selling Author, Steve Alten and his new book, The Shell Game. Our effort is to be a focused, movement wide attempt to bring The Shell Game into the Top 10 of the New York Times Best Seller List.


Steve Alten will donate $5,000 each week the The Shell Game reaches the top 10 of the NY Times best seller list, to the Feal Good Foundation:
The primary mission of this non-profit organization, is to spread awareness and educate the public about the catastrophic health effects on 9/11 first responders, as well as to provide assistance to relieve these great heroes of the financial burdens placed on them over the last five years, create a network of advocacy on 9/11 healthcare issues.
When you purchase copies of The Shell Game from amazon thru this link a commission from each purchase goes directly to the Fealgood Foundation.
Amazon reports to New York Times best seller list. Books must be purchased from sellers reporting to NY Times best seller list. Most major book stores count.

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