March 23, 2008

Why Americans are Schizo

Just reading the “headlines” can make your head can spin. Here’s a lovely sample of the crazy-making news, this time courtesy of Yahoo! News:
Full Coverage: Iraq
Off the Wires
Marines see a safer Iraq AP, 10 minutes ago
Baghdad Green Zone rocked by explosions Reuters, 28 minutes ago

You might get carpal tunnel as you scroll down to read the AP's gung-ho “Marines” story, whereas Reuters gives the bombing of the green zone only two paragraphs!

Baghdad Green Zone rocked by explosions

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The Green Zone government and diplomatic compound in central Baghdad came under renewed mortar or rocket attack on Sunday night, Reuters witnesses said.

The sound of at least six separate explosions shook central Baghdad and smoke could be seen rising from the U.S.-protected compound. A siren blared and a recording warned people to take cover. The attack followed two separate barrages earlier in the day.

(Reporting by Ross Colvin)


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