March 31, 2008

The Unbearable Heaviness of Hillary

First of all, know that I’m not a democrat or even a big Hillary fan. I’m not writing this as a groupie or as one concerned about “healing the party” or any other political motivations. What does motivate me is watching a human being become physically debilitated before my eyes and not being able to do anything about it. Damn, I’m saying I’m worried about the lady’s health and if having a blog means being able to write whatever I want (and maybe have an impact) then it would be wrong not to express these thoughts.
Since this campaign took off you could measure the toll it was taking on her by the extra pounds she’s put on and the deepening creases on her face. A year ago she had a genuine, warm smile and ease of movement as she stepped up to the podium. But now, when I see her on TV I cringe. She appears to be physically suffering from the weight of her burden as she pursues this valiant and perilous journey to “success.” Perhaps she believes political success will rectify the pains she suffers now, but that cannot be so.
A candidate for such a stressful and difficult position as president must love the process, even thrive in the relentless glare of public scrutiny. Just looking at these two pictures makes it clear that Hillary the person is not thriving. She is literally bound by the heaviness of herself. The extra pounds may add coverage and protection from the barbs and endless criticism, but cannot nourish her spirit. I wonder if there’s a part of her trying to satisfy someone else in this effort, a man like her dad or husband, or maybe she doesn’t want to let women down.
I'm just saying Hillary’s done the tremendous work needed to break ground for future candidates of the female persuasion.
Now Hillary should take care of Hillary, get a massage, hear the Stones, go shopping, hang with Chelsea, get exercise and back on track with her core constituency, right here in New York City.
Please, Senator, take good care of yourself so we can have you around for future battles.

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