March 10, 2008

An Update on InfraGard...The Corporate Deputies Prepare for Bioterrorism

So while we on the left piddle our time away arguing about who is more power crazy, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, the Corporatists are continuing to consolidate their power and influence in our communities as well as at work.
From InfraGard’s own
site, read and educate yourself about what the FBI is providing to the business community to train them to be deputies "in case of emergency." What kind of emergency? What ever the powers that be want, be it a race war, punks gone wild laughing in the streets, feminist lesbos kissing in public, crazed environmentalists or anarchists damaging PROPERTY!!!! It doesn't need to be defined now, just be forewarned: it's coming. InfraGard is an FBI program dedicated to promoting ongoing dialogue and timely communication between the private sector and the FBI concerning critical infrastructure protection issues. The FBI and InfraGard members are engaged in this cooperative undertaking in recognition that a public/private strategic partnership is of vital importance to our nation’s security.
All InfraGard participants are committed to the proposition that a robust exchange of information about threats to and actual attacks on these critical infrastructures is an important element for successful infrastructure protection efforts. Each member must subscribe to the National InfraGard Code of Ethics as well as to the National InfraGard By-Laws in addition to those adopted by the Member Alliance. [my bold]
The goal of InfraGard is to enable the flow of information so that the owners and operators of infrastructure assets can better protect themselves and so that the United States government can better discharge its law enforcement and national security responsibilities.
The Metro NYC InfraGard Member Alliance is incorporated under the laws of the State of New York as a not for profit corporation. Sponsorship opportunities are available, and will qualify as tax deductible under United States Internal Revenue code section 501 (c) (3)*.
Here's a brief alert to the members:
BIO5 Researcher Identifies Cities at Risk for Bioterrorism
Boise, ID, is considered high risk, while Tucson ranks low.

By University Communications March 3, 2008
A University of Arizona researcher has created a new system to dramatically show American cities their relative level of vulnerability to bioterrorism.
Walter W. Piegorsch, an expert on environmental risk, has placed 132 major cities – from Albany, N.Y., to Youngstown, Ohio – on a color-coded map that identifies their level of risk based on factors including critical industries, ports, railroads, population, natural environment and other factors.
Piegorsch is the director of a new UA graduate program in interdisciplinary statistics and a professor of mathematics in the College of Science, as well as a member of the UA’s BIO5 Institute.
The map marks high-risk areas as red (for example, Houston and, surprisingly, Boise, ID), midrange risk as yellow (San Francisco) and lower risk as green (Tucson). The map shows a wide swath of highest-risk urban areas running from New York down through the Southeast and into Texas. Boise is the only high-risk urban area that lies outside the swath.
The model employs what risk experts call a benchmark vulnerability metric, which shows risk managers each city’s level of risk for urban terrorism.
Piegorsch says terrorism vulnerability involves three dimensions of risk – social aspects, natural hazards and construction of the city and its infrastructure.
He concludes that the allocation of funds for preparedness and response to terrorism should take into account these factors of vulnerability.
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