March 20, 2008

Rendition is Terrorism

EU capitals ignore Brussels' questions about rendition flights
19.03.2008 - 17:09 CET By Renata Goldirova
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - The European Commission is set to criticise EU governments for failing to reply to a questionnaire, which, among other issues, aimed at shedding more light on CIA activities in Europe. So far, only Finland, Luxembourg, Poland and Spain responded to Brussels' call for clarity.
[...] The EU's executive body sent the questionnaire to all EU capitals on 15 December, with a 15 March deadline. The move followed a report from the European Parliament alleging that the US routinely flies terror suspects via Europe to overseas prison camps where some of them face torture.
[...] But EU states are traditionally reluctant to share security information, with the commission currently having "no legal power" to force them to do so. "The best we can do is to apply political pressure," the spokesperson said, adding that the situation will change once the EU's new treaty comes to force next year and a significant proportion of the justice and home affairs dossier will no longer be under the exclusive power of national governments.

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