March 17, 2008

US Air Force: Above It All?

One of the exciting aspects of blogging breaking news comes when a topic you hit upon goes mainstream. Yesterday I was surprised to see a commercial on NBC, sandwiched between the talking heads, for the Air Force's new baby, the Cyber Command Center. Here's the link from my original blog coverage: February 14, 2008, Geek Warriers in Loose Nukes Country.
The commercial opens with an aerial view of the Pentagon as a man says something about this building being attached, oh, a billion times a day. Then after scaring the crap out of ya, they show the busy bees in the Barksdale Air Force Cyber Command HQ, toiling away for your liberty and freedom.
Here's the hype:

So, maybe I’m just nit picking, but what ever happened to the sixth nuke that left Minot, North Dakota on August 29 and just wasn’t there when they landed at Barksdale? Isn’t that newsworthy anymore? Are we so worn out that no one is able to pursue this story? I’m just saying, here they are advertising their unbelievably expensive new cyber tracking station AT THE VERY BASE WHERE THEY LOST A NUCLEAR WEAPON! Oh, I see. The dog ate it.

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