March 12, 2008

Mike & Eliot

The Attorneys General ... and then some.
Maybe the day will come when we'll know if or what went on between these two, other than criss-crossing the halls of New York [in]Justice but for now, let's just check out some visuals.
Mukasey in 3/4 left. I like the shadow over his left side.

Michael Mukasey — federal judge in New York; presided over 1993 WTC bombing case; active in 9-11 cases, including Larry Silverstein’s insurance claims; oversaw the detained material witnesses of 9-11, including five dancing Israeli Mossad agents apprehended by FBI; recently appointed by Bush to be the next Attorney General; radical Zionist of Russian Jewish parentage; “dual citizen” of US and Israel.

Here's Spitzer in black and white. Flawed skin but set jaw. No wrinkles on this dude's face.

What does it mean? Time will tell. Or not.

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