March 19, 2008

Breaking Their Hearts

While we go about our daily lives, soldiers and civilians in Iraq suffer 10,000 9/11’s, every day.
We must bring our troops home and NOT WAIT for the politicians to do it. They will delay as long as possible, for lack of courage or desire for conquest. Neither is a just reason to continue. Let Iraqis find their way home without our interference. That’s what US citizens would want if we were invaded and occupied.
Stress of war takes its toll: More than bomb blasts or gunfire, chest pains plague those downrange
By Steve Mraz, Stars and Stripes
Mideast edition, Tuesday, 3/18/08
LANDSTUHL, Germany — After five years of the war in Iraq, you might think that most troops and civilians medically evacuated from the war are treated for blast, gunshot or other combat injuries.
You’d be wrong.
Atop the list is chest pain.
[...] Factors that bring on chest pain include stress, dehydration, lack of sleep, tobacco use and carrying heavy gear — just to name a few.
“Certainly carrying around all that gear, as well as the body armor, causes a lot of musculoskeletal symptoms that can often be confusing,” [Dr. Randolph] Modlin said. “There are a lot of reasons people develop chest pain. ... Stress has a lot of funny ways of coming out, and that’s also a big cause for the patients we see with chest pain.”

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