February 20, 2008

A Taser for Every Cop

St. Paul Police Orders Tasers For Every Officer
Police force will have 370 Tasers just in time for RNC
Created: Saturday, 16 Feb 2008, 8:29 AM CST
ST. PAUL -- St. Paul police are about to issue Tasers to all 370 officers on the force. Police say they are a safe way to stop a potential threat, but some people say Tasers are dangerous and sometimes deadly.
[...] The 230 new Tasers will cost $210,000 -- paid for with money seized during drug raids [Who is overseeing this purchase? Mike Duncan, chair for the RNC, or, the new, straight Ken Mehlman?] or other special investigations. The St. Paul City Council will vote Wednesday on whether to authorize the purchase of the Tasers, which they are likely to do.
[...] Shortly after the new shipment of Tasers arrives in St. Paul, the Republican National Convention will come to town, and with it, protestors who may or may not get violent.
"Our hope is that no one will have to use any degree of force,” [Police spokesman Tom] Walsh said. “If it becomes necessary, will that be one of the tools available to them? I suppose that's safe to say."

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