February 25, 2008

Solidarity Without Borders

Is this an idea people can rally around? Dunno, but I applaud their idealism and energy, and since you can't get this news on PBS, here it is:

Our Call To Action:

We are calling for a coordinated, sustained, three-pronged campaign by the anarchist movement in the United States to:

  1. confront repression of our comrades, shut down Plan Mexico and SPP, and stop the invasion of rebel territory in Mexico
  2. confront repression of immigrant communities in our own cities and regions
  3. confront the corporations invading communities both here in the northeast and south of the border
    • We recognize, with the Zapatistas, that these struggles are intertwined and none of these things can be won without the others *

Our Goals:

  1. To take action at US government offices, Mexican consulates, and offices of related corporations across the region.
  2. To support local and national actions in defense of immigrants, with the ultimate goal of shutting down all ICE detention centers and offices.
  3. To support the International Campaign in Defense of El Barrio being launched by Movement for Justice in El Barrio.
  4. To raise resources and supplies, if and when needed, for our comrades in Chiapas, Oaxaca, and El Barrio.
  5. To send a delegation to Southern Mexico, in the event of invasion or escalating repression, to stand alongside our brothers and sisters.

Our Next Steps:

  1. Local groups send delegates to the new Solidarity Without Borders Group.
  2. Local groups make contact with local organizations in their area, especially immigrant and community organizations, join local coalitions and support their struggles.
  3. Local groups support other organizations and actions with common goals in their communities.
  4. Local groups visit government and corporate offices, delivering letters and ultimatums to those responsible.
  5. Local groups plan and implement creative direct actions, beginning no later than May Day, sooner in the event of invasion or escalating repression.

Contact: solidaritywithoutbordersgroup@gmail.com

For more information:

On the situation in Chiapas: http://chiapas.indymedia.org (Spanish)
On the situation in Oaxaca: http://www.elenemigocomun.net
On Plan Mexico: http://www.globalexchange.org/countries/americas/mexico/planmexico
On the Security & Prosperity Partnership (SPP):
On Movement for Justice in El Barrio:
On the border & the war on immigrants: http://deletetheborder.org
On immigrant solidarity groups in your area:

FYI--Here's a bit about Plan Mexico and keep in mind what we could do with $1.4 BILLION here in the USA:
This week the Bush Administration officially announced the Merida Initiative, a $1.4 billion aid package to Mexico to be distributed over the next three years purportedly to fight drug trafficking and organized crime in Mexico. The aid package, called Plan Mexico for its resemblance to the $5 billion Plan Colombia, would consist largely in advanced military equipment such as helicopters and surveillance aircraft, according to the Mexican foreign minister.

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