February 13, 2008

Is the Picture Getting Clearer Yet?

Tony Blair seemed so different from the 'shrub that the only pleasant moments seemed to occur when the two stood side-by-side or against parallel podiums. How cozy for Blair to make himself visible to the world as preparation for his new job. Read on:
Online campaigners aim to 'stop' Blair becoming EU president
07.02.2008 - 17:43 CET | By Honor Mahony
EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - An online campaign to petition against Tony Blair becoming President of the European Union is fast gathering signatures, even though the post has not even been officially created yet.
But the British politician is not an uncontroversial figure. For some, it is unimaginable that a national of a country that is not part of core EU projects such as the eurozone and the Schengen borderless zone could represent Europe. His strong support for the US-led war on Iraq is also seen as a mark against him in some quarters.
The web-based petition, Stopblair.eu, seeks to tap into some of this anti-Blair feeling. Available in 11 languages, the petition already had over 4,000 signatures by Thursday afternoon (7 February), two days after it launch day, and aims to get 1 million signatures.
[...] Jerome Guillet, a Paris-based banker and one of the founders to the petition, told EUobserver that the discussion about Mr Blair "seemed more intense lately. As this is
an idea that we think is terrible, some of us decided to do something about it."
[...] The online campaign emerged from a community of pro-European bloggers based in France known as the European Tribune. According to Mr Guillet, they would rather see German former foreign minister Joschka Fischer get the job.


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