January 8, 2008

Justice for Non-Violent "Drug" Offenders

Do you need me to point out that our airwaves are full of "legal" drugs which provide very little real help except to make money for Big Pharma? Of course not! You also know that if you have money, or are white and "upwardly mobile," (the delusion that the rich will pee money on you) you probably will get off with a tiny slap on the wrist. And the lesson is?

24 Hour Push: Email the Governor!

Dear Friend of Drop the Rock,
Tomorrow, at 1:00 PM, Governor Spitzer will deliver his State of the State address. The Drop the Rock Coalition aims to send as many emails as possible to the Governor in the next 24 hours to press him to call for Rockefeller repeal during his speech.
To Email the Governor, Click here:
Enacted in 1973, when Nelson Rockefeller was governor, the Rockefeller Drug Laws require harsh prison terms for the possession or sale of relatively small amounts of drugs.
There are now almost 15,500 drug offenders in NY's prisons; most of them minor offenders with no history of violent behavior.
It costs NY nearly $500 million a year to imprison drug offenders.
Over 92% of the people locked up in NY for drug offenses are African American or Latino, despite research showing that the majority of people who use and sell drugs are white.
Research shows that drug treatment is cheaper than imprisonment and more successful in reducing drug related crime.
Moreover, repealing the Drug Laws would save the fiscally strapped state up to $200 million per year.
After over 32 years, it is long past time to remove the stain of these wasteful, unjust, ineffective & racist laws from NY’s penal code.

Please also review my post from December 20, 2007, Prove it or Shut Up! discussing the wasted money for the “War on Drugs” as well as a hilarious challenge of $10,000 to either Giuliani, Romney, McCain to prove their statements on medical marijuana.


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