November 5, 2007

Truth Seekers: Hear Hicks!

Author, investigative reporter, restaurateur, janitor & raconteur, Sander Hicks will debate Karol Sheinin, (who I know nothing about but, any friend of Michelle Malkin…) at Lolita Bar. A stimulating discussion will hopefully follow. Here are the details:
The basement level of Lolita Bar (266 Broome St. at Allen St., one block south and three west of the Delancey St. subway stop on Manhattan's Lower East Side)

“Did the Government Know in Advance About 9/11?”

YES: Sander Hicks, founder of Soft Skull Press, Vox Pop, and Drench Kiss Media and author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle-Blowers, and the Cover-Up.

NO: Karol Sheinin, blogger at (at one point guest blogger for Michelle Malkin) and founder of the counter-protest group Actual Truth About 9/11.

To learn more about Sander Hicks, his address is:, rebel media from the founder of Vox Pop and Soft Skull Press.
Sander’s cafĂ© & bookstore:

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