November 10, 2007

Translator Needed: Science Gobbly-Gook to English

Winter Patriot follows up on Keith Seffer's study of the collapse of the twin towers collapse (what about WT7?). Maybe Mr. Seffer wants us to blame the "collapse" on balloons!
In a recent series of articles I mentioned this discrepancy and documented some of the efforts made by myself and others to obtain further information on this story -- all of which had been ignored.
A few people who read those stories had academic credentials and were able to provoke a response where humble bloggers had failed: the questions they sent to Ross Corotis, the editor of the JEM, were answered, and yesterday I was able to report that Keith Seffen's paper is scheduled to be published in the February, 2008 issue of the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.
If that was good news, this is even better: one of the other people who read those stories had even more impressive credentials, and he went digging in a different place. And you'll never guess what he managed to unearth ... or will you?
If you can read the abstract, maybe you can comprehend the report. Any translations are appreciated.
The collapse behaviour of the World Trade Centre (WTC) towers is considered formally as a propagating instability phenomenon. The application of associated concepts enables the residual capacities of both towers after the onset of collapse to be formally estimated. This information is combined into a simplified variable-mass collapse model of the overall dynamical behaviour. The resulting, non-linear governing equation of motion can be solved in closed form, to yield compact information about the overall collapse conditions.
A frivolous but useful analogue is the inflation of a rubber party balloon: personal experience suggests that a higher lung pressure is required to motivate inflation than that needed to sustain it; and that the latter pressure is approximately constant and steady for a long, uniform balloon, irrespective of the inflated volume before becoming fully inflated.
Ok, who put the balloons in the WTC? Previous post, November 6, 2007, Scientists Promote 9/11 Propaganda

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