November 12, 2007

March on Wall Street Dec. 10

From Danny Schechter’s News Dissector comes this news flash:We Have Marched On Washington, Now MARCH ON WALL STREET

The Reverend Jesse Jackson has announced a MARCH ON WALL STREET on December l0, international human rights day. I happened to be on his national radio show on the day he announced it. Its part of a nationwide campaign to help people facing foreclosure save their homes. When you listen to the callers from all over the country who are loosing their homes, you realize how much personal pain there is. Jackson is “hoping other politicians, unions and organizations will take part.
Yes Jackson does have a reputation for jumping on issues and even media showboating, but I think he is very sincere about this. He sees a vast economic justice issue and a total lack of national leadership. He is willing to step forward and put together a coalition. More power to him.

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