November 9, 2007

Columbia Hunger Strikers

Hope grows on the Upper West Side. Columbia students have taken radical steps to move the university towards a true pluralistic society. Check out their web site, think about their ideas, sign the petition (if you agree) and pass it on!
The question is not “why do you have so many demands?” but “why has the university left so much to be demanded?” We ask those who see our demands as not specific enough, or too broad, or too many, to take a look again at the detailed version (core, expansion, ethnic studies, admin reform - we know it may appear verbose, apologies are expected from the bureaucracy making it complicated) and not try to weigh each individual demand on its own but instead look behind these demands. Look to what they stand for, a beginning of the end of repeated marginalization, exclusion and silencing of students within this community.
So once again, tonight there is a vigil at 9pm as there will be every night the strike lasts. We ask people to also take the time to sign our petition, come by the tents, and talk to a friend about what’s going on. Saturday look forward to a community rally, with Harlem residents and people from throughout New York.
9PM ~ Sundial @ Low Plaza
Here's their petition:

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