October 12, 2007

We DO Care

At the top of this wonderful blog, An Arab Woman Blues - Reflections in a sealed bottle... is the question, "Do you care?" I want Layla to know how much we Americans want this terrible regime destroyed because the longer it exists, the harder it will be for working people to recognize that the pain in another's eyes as their own pain.
Yes, it's true that Code Pink can seems frivolous and silly, but remember they reach Americans who never heard of Fallujah and they scream at the murderers inside the Capital. Any action which distracts the war machine is a good action, I think.

But we will grieve and mourn together while the murderers play their Congressional war games. There is no distance between us because the children aren't really playing anymore. The Christians talk about a heaven, but seem immune from practicing Jesus' wishes. If there were a "supreme being" who took care of us, why would such misery exist?
No, I'd rather believe we are responsible for our lives and deeds. My responsibility to you, dear Layla, is the same as my responsibility to my daughter. Rage on, woman, until we have a world where every person can be exactly who they are, no exceptions.
An Arab Woman Blues - Reflections in a sealed bottle...
Pink and Red Clouds...
What do we need the Sharia’a for? Weren’t we Muslims before ? Weren’t we religious enough before ? Or maybe you think you have monopoly over the Truth, or maybe you think you have monopoly over God himself ?
And why should a non-Muslim be forced to live under a Sharia’a imported from Iran?
They tell me, don’t rock the boat. Why should I not rock the boat?
By God if I had the power, I would overturn that cursed boat and let all those on board ink right into the bottomless pits of the ocean.Why should I and other Iraqi women be forced to live under mullah rule? Has anyone asked for our permission? And who are these mullahs anyways?

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