October 23, 2007

Who Would Jesus Kill?

For those like me who never heard of this term before, here's the Wikepedia definition:
Two articles discussing the disturbing rise of Eliminationism, or, "I hate you and will kill you for not being me."
Who Watches the Watchmen
Submitted by David Neiwert on October 22, 2007 - 7:26pm.
The Watchmen are similarly in denial about the consequences of what and how they preach. They insist that all they're doing is trying to engage in dialogue, but the reality is that the viciousness -- the base dehumanization and demonization -- in what they're saying is naturally going to provoke the targets of that rhetoric to respond. This isn't dialogue; rather, it's like a village lunatic wandering about the town square poking people in the eyes with a sharp stick, and then proclaiming himself the victim when they respond angrily.
Here is a report about Mr. Singh's murder:
Death sparks call to unity
After Lake Natoma assault, diversity summit is set today.

By Crystal Carreon - Bee Staff Writer, Published 3:48 am PDT Friday, July 27, 2007

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