October 20, 2007

"Legalize It," Millenium Edition

Somehow I missed the original PBS viewing of this film in July, but I AM OUTRAGED! Why the DEA insists on wasting taxpayers' money persecuting innocent members of the indigenous nation now known as "America" is incomprehensible, although there probably are hands pulling the strings behind these puppets. If you're happy and you know it, plant your hemp!

"Standing Silent Nation" film screening
w/ Suree Towfighnia & Courtney Hermann
at the IAC (International Action Center)
55 West 17th Street # 5C (5th Floor)
(just east of 6th Avenue) Manhattan/NYC
"Silent nation" is the Lakota name for the plants and grasses of the plains that sustained the buffalo herds, and later horses, which in turn sustained the people called "Sioux" (a term coined by would-be French colonizers).
…In hemp, the White Plumes found the perfect "silent nation" ally, a plant whose hardiness, utility and low cost had already been proven by the government, who encouraged its growth with its "Hemp for Victory" campaign during World War II.
…In a surprise attack at 6 a.m. on August 24, 2000, federal agents, armed with guns and weed whackers, chopped the plants down in the same manner they would use to eradicate marijuana. This event, and others that followed, raise a number of questions: Why did the government wait for the first crop to reach maturity before acting? Why did FBI and DEA agents raid the fields at daybreak with an array of armor and guns? Why have they continued to raid the White Plumes' land, even when the hemp grew back of its own accord, and to bring charges that could put Alex in prison for as long as 10 years? What lies behind the government's persistent objection to hemp?
To go directly to the film's producers to order copies: http://standingsilentnation.bigcartel.com/

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