October 5, 2007

More 9/11 Truth Reporters

Following are two eyewitness reports which you may not have heard about:

New 9/11 Witness Saw Secondary Explosions
and a First Floor Impact

JonesReport.com | October 3, 2007
Dean Brown has stepped forward as a new eyewitness to secondary explosions before and after the plane's impact. He told WeAreChange.org reporter Luke Rudkowski that he witnessed a first floor explosion.

9/11 Commission Ignored Firefighter's Account
of Explosions Inside WTC

Schroeder's compelling testimony contradicts
official story at every turn

Paul Joseph Watson, Prison Planet, Thursday, August 9, 2007
"People just come running out of the elevators on fire.... I was like what is going on here, something's up here - I mean the plane's up there now there's fire down here?"
... Schroeder's team was baffled as to why so much death and destruction was evident in the lower levels of the tower when the plane had hit so high up.
"It looked like a bomb went off in the lobby," said Schroeder.
... Schroeder also recalls the message that was broadcast in the south tower after the north tower had been hit telling workers to stay in the building.
"I heard that myself - stay home, stay home - so we're like who is this guy to tell anybody at this point in time - I mean from the first time we got to the west side highway we looked up and there was 30 floors of fire, you got another building right next to it with thousands of people in it - get 'em out! It's plain and simple here! Oh go back to work - yeah now they'll never go back to work," exclaimed Schroeder.
"I would like to know who that person was," he added.
Schroeder also slammed Rudy Giuliani for ordering the police to arrest the firefighters after they refused to stop digging for their buddies.


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