October 11, 2007

GI Jane Checks In

My colleague GI Jane at Daughters of Vietnam Veterans (Dovv.net) got some hate mail, posted below. I'm glad to say she's got it all in perspective, and is taking the high road. Isn't it weird when "patriots" want to take your freedoms away? I just can't understand the bullies who have to intimidate and harrass... Anyway, enjoy the video!
I got an email today from a Veteran that said I oughta be ashamed of myself being Anti-war ... what was I doing trying to embrace anti-war, peace, and 911 truth on my site....
I am not ashamed! HA!
Then my friend sent me this of my REAL Veteran friends...

peace,love,and 911 justice,

Keep your head between your shoulders and feel your feet on the ground. All will be fine, especially when you're dancing! Love right back at ya, GI Jane.

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