October 7, 2007

Courage Under Fire

This just in!!!


Judge Benjamin Settle of the US District Court in Tacoma issued a stay order effective immediately, enjoining the Army from commencing the trial until at least October 26, 2007 or until further order of the court.



Lt. Watada retrial halted!


Thanks to GI Jane at Daughters of Vietnam Veterans (dovv.net) for provided the expert witness testimony by Professor Francis Boyle for Lt. Ehren Watada.
Reading the testimony I was struck by how much the BushCo propaganda machine contrives to paint everything black or white. Professor Boyle’s articulate argument cuts through their patriotic jargon and promotes fact-based policy for military intervention.

Boyle Testimony on War's Illegality:
Lt Watada Art.32 Hearing

FAB: Well, the problem here is that we have people at the very top of the chain of command, up to and including the Secretary of Defense, authorizing war crimes. So it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for Lieutenant Watada not to be committing war crimes.
Lt. Colonel Keith: Would it be possible for him to have deployed in this circumstance and not commit war crimes?
FAB: Under the circumstances of this war, if he had deployed, he would be facilitating a Nuremberg crime against peace for sure.
Lt. Colonel Keith: So just in the -- just in the sheer fact that he deployed, he would be committing a war crime?
FAB: He would be facilitating a Nuremberg crime against peace.


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