October 20, 2007

Christ Killers, Pt. 1 of 2

Gosh, I forgot how insightful and incredibly informative Bag News Notes is! This web site specializes in deconstructing the media, picking at pictures we glance over with little thought. Images create concepts beyond words, and the subliminal message carries the biggest BANG!
Seeing The Enemy, Oct 16, 2007
by John Louis Lucaites and Robert Hariman

The photograph above, which appeared in this week’s Washington Post, is ominous and foreboding. Shot through a glass door, the viewer is separated from Prince by an invisible barrier that is marked by the Blackwater brand. Cast in dark shadows and apart from the contrasting light, he is framed at a slight but nevertheless low angle that puts the viewer just beneath the line of sight of his icy cold stare, a look which expresses his utter contempt for those on the other side of the glass, and by extension all that they stand for, including the rule of law.

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