October 11, 2007

Burma's UK Diplomat Quits Burma

Can you imagine how awful things must be to cause the Burmese Diplomat to the UK to quit? Here are two reports about this desperate man's struggle to maintain integrity.
Burma's Diplomat in UK Resigns over Suppression of Monks' Protest
By The Associated Press , October 10, 2007

The BBC said Ye Min Tun, a diplomat with 10 years' service, had sent the embassy a letter of resignation.

"I have never seen such a scenario in the whole of my life. The government is arresting and beating the peaceful Buddhist monks," he said.

Revolution is just beginning’
Diplomat quits Burma Embassy in protest

A diplomat who gave up his job at the Burmese Embassy in London because of the violent crackdown in his home country told the BBC that the "revolution" in Burma was only just beginning.

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