October 18, 2007

Break Free From Negativity

People are waking up to the realization that fear keeps us immobilized, and we become entrenched in "maintaining." However, we can also see change as progression, and not something to necessarily fear. There is an exciting new energy toward solving problems which is growing and taking some form in different disciplines. Here’s an article from a blog that grew from a book:
Tell them about the dream, Al!
by Michael Shellenberger
The problem is that knowing about the nightmare isn't enough. Fear is as apt to paralyze as motivate. Fear is like sugar for a four year-old: it produces a burst of energy that ends as quickly as it begins. Hope, by contrast, is sustainable. It can motivate whole lifetimes of action.

Today, in an extraordinary column in the New York Daily News, Errol Lewis makes the argument that Gore needs to leap from the nightmare to the dream.

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