October 9, 2007

Braggard Buffoon Time

Tee hee! He got his talking points mixed up, because he's supposed to say the losers are us lefters. Never mind. But I do feel sorry for that poor woman who has to work with him everyday. She never gets a word in, he never listens to her, so why bother coming to work? Oh, I forgot she gets a bazillion dollars to look hot while delivering "news."
Have Mercy, Have Mercy!
By Josh Marshall

It may be a first. Castration via live satellite hook up.
This morning, tough guy Joe Scarborough unloaded on "Iraqi losers" for complaining about Blackwater for blowing away so many Iraqi civilians.
Moments later, Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) comes on the show and sends Scarborough scurrying for cover. Take a look. You'll get a kick out of it ...

Joe Scarborough Takes on "Iraqi Losers" About Blackwater


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