September 3, 2007

Operation No Recruits

Want to do a good thing over the coming week? Join us:

Operation No Recruits

Sept. 8 - Sept. 15, 2007

TIME: 9 am to 5 pm

PLACE: Times Square Recruiting Station
43rd St. between 7th Ave. & Broadway in Manhattan

(click on image for an enlarged map)

  • Sept. 8 (Sat.) : NYC War Resisters League / Rudemap of Times Square Mechanical Orchestra / Washington Heights Counter-Recruiters
  • Sept. 9 (Sun.) : [to be assigned]
  • Sept. 10 (Mon.) : NYC Catholic Worker / Kairos Community
  • Sept. 11 (Tues.) : NYC War Resisters League
  • Sept. 12 (Wed.) : [to be assigned]
  • Sept. 13 (Thurs.) : CodePink / Granny Peace Brigade
  • Sept. 14 (Fri.) : Movement for a Democratic Society/NYC
  • Sept. 15 (Sat.) : Brooklyn Green Party [tent.]

WHY TIMES SQUARE: The Times Square station holds the national record for the most recruits (10,000 per year) of any U.S. Armed Forces walk-in recruiting center. It is the site of many anti-war demonstrations during the Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Iraq/Afghanistan wars.*

*SOURCE: Bill Tully, project manager for the U.S. Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times Square, Oct. 1999.

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