September 26, 2007

Italian Comedian Starts a Revolution!

Beppe Grillo is a comedian with a popular blog and a kind of Don Imus/Howard Stern attitude towards authority. Following are excerpts from the article:
On September 8 he led his vast virtual community out into the real world. They celebrated what he called "V-Day": V not for victory but "vaffanculo": an extremely vulgar, though common, expression which corresponds closely to "f*** off"' - those being invited to go forth and multiply being Italy's politicians....

Fifty thousand assembled in Bologna to demand a drastic new law banning convicted criminals from Parliament - Grillo says there are 23 MPs and Senators with criminal convictions - and to limit politicians to serving no more than two terms in Parliament.

More than 300,000 signatures were collected.

Awesome! Maybe it's time for the US peace & justice movement to stop being so FUCKING polite and grab the attention of the citizens.

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