September 22, 2007

Blackwater: FedEx of Bagdad?

Blackwater: Hired Guns, Above the Law
It takes about 4 minutes to watch the video, and after you'll understand more about BushCo's agenda than 2 years of the NY Times.

Then read The Nation report and be thankful the Senate had testimony from Jeremy Scahill on Friday regarding his investigations of the "contractor" was
awarded an initial $27 million no-bid contract to guard Ambassador Paul Bremer.

Editor's Note: This is an edited transcript of the prepared testimony of Jeremy Scahill before the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, September 21, 2007
$27 million no-bid contract to guard Ambassador Paul Bremer

See also:
Blackwater, The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army, Jeremy Scahill, May 2007 ISBN: 1560259795

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