September 9, 2007

Battered Patriots, All

There’s a 9/11/01 every day in Afghanistan and Iraq. Children are growing up accepting war and fear as normal. Citizens still hang on to illusions because the truth hurts too much. Like battered spouses, we love our governmate, and will stand by our country no matter what.

One poignant moment from last night’s Times Square event came when a man in his 60s refused the flyer I offered. As he passed he tried not to look at the posters but was drawn to them like a moth to light. I asked him if he had any questions about what happened that day. His face turned red and he demanded, “Don’t ask me any questions!” The woman with him smiled, took a flyer and tried to reassure me that he wasn’t really troublesome, he just gets like that. We began to talk, but the man flipped out and demanded they leave. I watched as the two of them walked away arguing.

A big later they passed by again, he looking like a tornado and she, a dedicated geisha bowing submissively behind her consort. Nearing 42nd Street they briefly separated. I approached her and apologized if I caused any trouble between them. She smiled sadly and said it wasn’t unusual. We parted as friends.

People say demonstrations don’t accomplish anything. Doing nothing doesn’t accomplish anything. It’s hard to know what action will take fire and what will flame out but we must persist with every available option. when a new tactic comes along, grab it. For now, "Use what you got to get what you need." By any means necessary.

9/11 is coming up. RAGE ON!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder what triggers these illusions. Is it a survival trait? Is it a war gland?

In the forthcoming movie "Nightmare City 2035" it is an implant. A chip that interacts with central computing.

For one character in the movie, having the illusion taken away was too much. He wanted his illusion back and violently fought for that. It seems director Terry Winkless puts the blame on us as well as the controlled government information.