August 31, 2007

New Orleans Marks Katrina Anniversary

Can you imagine how powerful it could be if some of us NYC 9/11 survivors found a way to connect and unite with our brothers and sisters in NOLA, and to Minneapolis, and to Huntington, Utah…

Did you know ALL public school employees in New Orleans were fired and therefore lost their benefits after the levees broke? We've got Deutsch Bank, the miners' families have Rob Moore, but we either lose our dignity, our sanity, our civil rights one by one or we all stand together and get the power back from the murderers in the White House.

Thursday, August 30th, 2007
New Orleans Hit By Another "Hurricane of Racism, Greed and Corruption" - Community Activist Malik Rahim

and this:

New Orleans Marks Katrina Anniversary

By MARY FOSTER, Associated Press, Wed, 29 Aug 2007


Anonymous said...

This is all sad. People from Katrina are already hurt. But there are a lot others who want to rip them off and steal what they have left. Nice blog by the way. Keep it alive! :) By the way if you can check my story blog I would be most happy.Have a nice week. Cheers!

free2be2cool said...

Thank you! I'm still learning the ropes re posting, so your comment is much appreciated.

I will check out your site later. Gotta finish mine first!