August 18, 2007

Strike or Be Struck Down

If we are really, truly serious about creating a democratic republic with justice for all, we must get involved. People with much fewer resources than we have eager are to speak out and ACT out against oppression from bosses, the government, even labor unions. It is shameful that Americans, supposedly the guardians of the free world, appear to be cows out to pasture. What's left of our limited liberties could too easily be abandoned out of fear, laziness, not giving a shit, not believing in the process or the daily rationalization.

Haven't you had enough of the lies? History proves that strength in numbers through peaceful actions makes a difference. This may be our last chance before BushCo starts putting people into Homeland Security concentration camps all over the USA.

Think I'm being an alarmist? Search Yahoo, Google, Wikipedia for Rex-84, Garden Plot, or go on YouTube for We Are Change or FEMA: The Truth. This is serious stuff, people, and everyone must be onboard. That means teachers, police, firefighters, soldiers, NO exceptions.

Please go to for more info about the General Strike and help prepare your loved ones, neighbors, even grumpsters you can barely stand because the Bill of Rights is our most cherished living monument.

And memorize the First Amendment!

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